red-panda.jpgThis is a bit of silliness, but with a serious purpose. Having been asked to give a talk last weekend to some of the parents at church (while their kids played on bouncy castles etc) on Internet safety and tips, i’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking on the issue. The result is a new page on this blog called Web-Wise. On there i’ve included links to an mp3 of the original talk, some pointers to the opportunities and dangers of the internet (for too often, people are either too positive or too negative about the web), links to useful sites – and even some merchandise, especially produced for this project! So to find out what pandas, chatrooms and mousemats have todo with each other, then check it out!


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  1. Brittany

    Where are most of the giant pandas currently located?

  2. jess

    boring ha ha

  3. fransisco


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