Couldn’t quite resist this before going away. Another interesting mini-moment from the latest Empire mag. Interview with Chris Evans in the Pint of Milk series of interviews (ie string of fairly flippant, sometimes revealing, usually light-hearted machine gun questions). It’s a perennial favourite question and others have answered in a similar vein before him. But it was quite on the ball and got me pondering a moment:

EMPIRE: Do you believe in God, and if so, what does God look like?

CHRIS EVANS: Well, I do believe in God, but not in the sense that you’re thinking: I don’t think He has white robes and a big beard. I believe He looks like you and me.

All quite fun (and a rare moment of almost meaningful at the end of a funly silly interview):

  • Most people these days are not atheists (which is why the likes of Dawkins et al are so uptight); and in fact most are not agnostic either. They believe. But they believe what they feel led to believe.
  • How does Chris Evans know what the Empire interviewer is thinking anyway (or the reader for that matter)? Except, of course he knows, because this is exactly how people picture him if they have to. After all that’s how the Sistine Chapel pictures him, and Michaelangelo just can’t be wrong, can he?
  • Now this is where it could go either way. Is the fact that he looks like you and me because he is IN you and me, or even that you and me are in fact DIVINE? If so, i certainly take issue with him. Or is it because he is getting perilously close to a Humans in the image of God (ie creational) / God in the image of humans (ie incarnational) line of thinking? If so, that’s getting quite close to the reality of things, methinks.
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  1. Ross

    I agree that the ‘light/ filppant’ questions are often more revealing in interviews as they stimulate answers beyond the cliche stars, politicians, et. al. normally use.
    However, building on your last bullet point I’m not sure if you heard an interview with Jonathan Edwards (the ex triple jumper not a conversation from beyond the grave with the 19th century US theologian/preacher)on five live on Sunday. It was a sports programme primarily asking his comments on the UK athletics championships/ trials but then went onto his “loss of faith”. His answers were, I thought, very, very sad for someone who had, up until recently come accross as a very sensible, sound and thought through Christian. He certainly needs to be held in our prayers.
    Anyway, check it out:
    I’m sure other readers of the blog would be interested to hear your views….

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