jet-trails.jpgseurat-cans.jpgCame across these pictures this week. You won’t have a clue what the one on the left is, and you will think you know what the one on the right is. At best, it resembles a rather poor reproduction of Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (painted 1884-6). But as so often in life, all is not what it seems. When you click on the site from which they were gleaned – by a guy called Chris Jordan on a page entitled, ‘Running the Numbers – An American Self-Portrait‘ – you’ll see that blown up they tell a very different story. Have a look for yourself – and remember that we in Britain are not much better than our American cousins.

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  1. Jo

    They are cool pictures – love the illustrations you find, especially the one which you think is an eye but turns out to be a butterfly, its wicked.

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