i must confess that since posting the previous item this morning (on giving Bush the doubt of the benefit), i’ve been feeling a little bad. I completely reject the shallow and ignorant prevailing wind of anti-Americanism that is sweeping through Europe (which certainly doesn’t mean i agree with much if not most of recent US foreign policy) – and didn’t post it because of that. I also realise that Bush is not a complete idiot – there’s no way that he could be president if he was (surely?). And i really can’t stand humour at other people’s expense – humour should never be malicious – and many say that Bush is highly impressive privately (Yo, Blair!) and that he struggles with severe dyslexia (which may well explain his verbal entanglements). It is just that i found the video really scary – unfair or not. If you think i shouldn’t have posted it, i completely accept that, and apologise for any offence caused. What’s done is done though – and i have to say that i find his presidency utterly frightening for the whole world (even if he is a fellow-believer).

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  1. Jo

    Hi Mark

    I find your postings quite interesting. I don’t think it was wrong to post the video of Bush – he all know what he is like already.

    Just on a side, but linked to America have you seen the following video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcjLEwZqcQI – its apple’s takes on the Iraq War…

  2. noelle wolff

    As an American, I found it completely funny (and scary), although as a x-tian, I understand your regrets. I agree it’s possible that he may not be as dumb as he seems, he may even be above-average, BUT I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect MORE (maybe even really high intelligence) of someone who has taken over leadership of the free world? Finally, I am glad to hear that at least one European does not subscribe to the prevailing anti-American sentiment since it is important to note that MOST Americans do not support him or recent American foreign policy and never have.

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