I can’t, for the life of me, remember where I got this from (I think it might be from the New York Times – if so apologies). But it was too good to be true. I will definitely regret this, but please let me know if I’ve gone on too long and it’s time for me to return to the kennel, (which, by the way, is the best word to remember for how to pronounce my surname – Meynell rhymes with Kennel!).

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  1. Adam

    This is a pathetic and obvious cry for protestations such as “No, don’t stop!”, “It’s too good!”, “What would the blogging world do without you, Meynell?”

    I, for one, will not start the ball rolling. I do think, though, that you should think about erecting a sign at your office doorway: “Mark’s Kennel”. Very appropriate.

  2. David

    I would put up a sign that says, “Worst Boss Ever”.

  3. markmeynell

    Adam – you are not very funny
    David – in counselling circles, this sort of thing is called transference

    And if anyone is confused, these two so-called friends were my interns when i worked in Kampala – they weren’t funny then either

  4. Adam

    On second thought, I think you should keep going with the blog. It gives David and I a chance to give some…input in your life. And 23 all know how far you’ve come thanks to that. You even know how to attempt cryptic crosswords now!

  5. Ross Hendry

    Mark, just on your loving response to Adam – people in glass house shouldn’t throw stones! Now for real humour, did you hear about the man who walked into a chimney store and asked ‘How much for this one?’. The salesman replied ‘It’s on the house.’
    Now as for your actual blog, I’m quite happy to keep reading your random musings, but when are you goignt o get rid of the insipid green background?

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