i’ve succumbed to the perennial search for novelty and innovation. couldn’t sleep, had early hours to kill with a brain that wasn’t functioning enough to do something useful or sensible – so have come up with this. not completely convinced yet so any suggestions would be helpful. but the blog is a bit fresher i hope…

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  1. Ross Hendry

    Do you realise I wasted about 10 minutes trying to figure out what you were referring to?!
    Personally I think it is all a bit insipid and I don’t think the clour, graphics and fonts go together. However, if it is any comfort the design people here at work tell me that design is “lightening up” with white or light colour backgrounds and less heavy blocks of colour being the way to go. So, as always, you are at the forefront of a design trend!
    By the way, when can we expect a thought or two on Wilberforce and Amazing Grace?

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