Well, the Telegraph has come up trumps again with a collated list of linguistic pet hates. Check out the short article and this fantastic list
For what it’s worth, my favourites are:

  • Shop assistant: are you alright there
  • Doing nothing is not an option
  • Impacting on
  • Things have reached a crescendo (yeuurrrghhhh!)
  • Polite notice

Do keep the Christian versions coming in…

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  1. Mark (Not Meynell)

    ALL RUBBISH. So what if you use a word when you don’t have to. Big redundant deal. Sometimes it reflects an inability to use the English language, but sometimes you just want to use two words because it sounds nicer, looks better or just generally is to be preferred. I mean, you don’t criticise people for saying someone was incredibly incredibly beautiful or very very drunk, so why criticise them for saying they were exuberantly joyful?

    (And if someone makes a comment about my attitude is all because I’ve grown up in a post-modern society then I’ll box both their ears. (Something I have never seen done and only read about in Enid Blyton books) )

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