the changing status quo – political shifts in the abortion debate

Abortion protests in Washington DC

There was a fascinating short article in the latest BBC History Magazine (as well as a really helpful pull out section on the anniversary of slavery’s abolition) about some recent research into the history of the abortion debate. It is worth quoting in full:

“Going to War Over Abortion”

The current debate over abortion in the USA is polarized, with pro-choice opinion coalescing around the political Left and pro-lifers being associated with the Right. yet, as Richard Hughes of Illinois State University reveals in Burning Birth Certificates and Atomic Tupperware Parties: Creating the Antiabortion Movement in the Shadow of the Vietnam War (The Historian, vol 68, no 3), when the anti-abortion movement took off int he 1970s it had much more in common with the radical anti-war movement.

As the Vietnam War drew to a close in the early 1970s, former activists became instrumental in the pro-life movement, (more…)

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the pressure to change

i've succumbed to the perennial search for novelty and innovation. couldn't sleep, had early hours to kill with a brain that wasn't functioning enough to do something useful or sensible - so have come up with this. not completely convinced…

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Turkmenistan follow up – good news??

If you read the posting here about Turkmenbashi, the late (dictator, persecutor and rampant, lunatic egotist) President of Turkmenistan, back in December, then you may be interested by today's BBC article from Ashgabat. It seems that his successor, Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov,…

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