Came across a couple of interesting things.


Most of the area where i live in London is owned by the De Walden Estate (which, for example, owns Marylebone High St). They have been active in gentrifying the area and being pretty picky about which shops they will have as tenants. But they also own Harley St & Wigmore St – the heart of London’s private medical world. They have recently taken some interesting stands, which just shows what one can do with money (for good or ill). From yesterday’s Telegraph:


The Howard de Walden Estate, which manages and leases the majority of properties in the central London street [Harley St], does not want its tenants to carry out “controversial” procedures and has already banned euthanasia and cloning.
Now Simon Baynham, its managing director, has announced that Harley Street tenants must abide by a new set of standards which include a veto on performing what he calls “lifestyle” abortions.

Read the whole article here


A friend just sent me this link to ‘We are fishermen’. It is sick, mad and totally incomprehensible – please tell me it’s not for real…

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